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Meet Brian Will

Meet Brian Will, a Serial Entrepreneur & industry leading Business & Sales Management Consultant.
The goal of my coaching program is to make you as an entrepreneur better.

I am going to take my 30 years of experience in building and selling businesses into venture capital and private equity, as well as consulting to public and private companies and bring it down to the Entrepreneur level. I will teach you the same processes and techniques companies have paid millions of dollars for… and have driven billions in sales… You can get all that here as part of our new mastermind for pennies on the dollar.

We can make you and your company better!

Who is Brian Will?

As a Two Time Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Brian has dedicated his career to creating successful companies from the ground up. Some of his notable accomplishments include:

Built seven franchises in the landscaping industry between the ages of 21 and 29.

Launching an insurance agency in 1996, and building the first direct-to-consumer call center for selling health insurance in the United States. He sold that company to a venture capital group in 1999.

In 2000, Brian wrote the business plan and launched the first online carrier-based enrollment platform for health insurance. The company went public and then private.

In 2001, he started another online insurance agency that was later acquired by a Silicon Valley-based venture capital group in 2008, now known as, which powers eight state-based enrollment platforms for health insurance under the ACA.

Brian also founded an online marketing company in 2003 that specialized in pay-for-performance lead generation marketing. This company was acquired by a private equity firm in 2006.

In 2010, he started a BPO consulting company that was acquired by an international direct-to-consumer company based in India.

Additionally, Brian has provided consulting services to multiple public and Fortune 500 companies in sales and sales management, including rebuilding DTC centers that generated billions of dollars in sales nationwide. He has trained over 1000 salespeople and established sales systems nationwide.

Brian also owns a chain of restaurants in the Atlanta area and a residential and commercial real estate rental company in Georgia and Florida.

Brian's achievements extend beyond his business ventures, as he is also a contributing writer to multiple media outlets, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Authority, and RevOps. He is also a podcast host of The Dropout Multimillionaire Podcast, and a business coach and mentor to entrepreneurs nationwide.
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